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Prevented HIV AIDS

How can you prevent HIV?

HIV can be isolated by the people who put 't know that they are infected. To protect itself and others:

  • Sure sex of practice. Use a condom each time you have the sex (oral sex including) until you are sure you and your associate are not reached a HIV.
  • Gift 't at the same time have more than one associated sex. The surest sex is with a associate who has the sex only with you.
  • Maintenance with your associate before you have the sex the first time. Discover if him or it is in danger to HIV. Obtain examined together and retest 6 months later. Use the condoms while waiting.
  • Don't drink a lot of alcohol or use illegal drugs before sex. You might let down your guard and not practice safe sex.
  • Don't share personal items, such as toothbrushes or razors.
  • Never divide the needles or the syringes with no matter whom.

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HIV AIDS Treated

How is it treated?

The standard treatment for HIV is a combination of medicines called the very active therapy antiretroviral (HAART). Medicines of Antiretroviral slow down the rate to which the virus multiplies. The catch of these medicines can reduce the quantity of virus in your body and help you to remain in good health.

It can not be easy to decide the best hour to begin the treatment. There is for - and - swindles to take HAART before you have symptoms. Discuss the latter with your doctor thus you include/understand your choices.

To supervise the infection by the HIV and his effect on your immune system, a doctor will carry out two tests:

  • Viral load, which shows the quantity of virus in your blood.
  • The account of cells of CD4+, which shows at which point your immune system functions.

If you do not have any symptom and your account of cells of CD4+ is on a healthy level, you cannot still need treatment. Your doctor will repeat the tests systematically to see how you made. If you have symptoms, should plan to you to begin the treatment, that which your account of CD4+ is.

After you begin the treatment, it is important to take your medicines as directed exactly by your doctor. When the doesn of treatment the 'work of T, it is often because HIV became resistant to medicine. This can occur if you put 't take your medicines correctly. Ask your doctor if you have questions about your treatment.

It became much easier to follow treatment during these last years. New medicines of combination include two or three different medicines in a pill. Many people with HIV obtain the treatment which they have requirement by just taking one or two pills per day.

To remain as healthy as possible during the treatment:

  • Gift 'smoked of T. The people with HIV are to have an heart attack or to obtain the nicotinism of the lung cancer.12 can increase these risks much more.
  • Eat a mode healthy and balanced to maintain your immune system strong.
  • Obtain the regular exercise to reduce the effort and to improve quality of your life.
  • Gift 'illegal drugs of use of T, and limit your use of alcohol.

Learn that all you can about HIV thus you can play an active role in your treatment. Your doctor can help you to include/understand HIV and how to treat best. Moreover, plan to join a group of support of HIV. The groups of support can be a great place to share information and emotions on the infection by the HIV.

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The Diagnosed Of HIV AIDS

How is HIV diagnosed?

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA) approved the tests which detect antibodies of HIV in the urine, the fluid of the mouth (fluid oral examination), or blood. If a test on the urine or oral liquid proves that you are reached HIV, you will need probably an analysis of blood to confirm the results. If you were exposed to HIV, your immune system will prepare antibodies to try to destroy the virus. The blood tests can find these antibodies in your blood.

The majority of the doctors employ two blood tests, called the ELISA and the Western analysis of spot. If first ELISA is positive (significance that antibodies of HIV are found), the blood test is still examined. If the second test is positive, the doctor will make a Western spot to be sure.

He can take as long as 6 months so that the antibodies of HIV reveal in a blood test. If you think that you were exposed to HIV but you examine the negative one for him:

  • Obtain examined still in 6 months to be sure that you are not infected.
  • While waiting, take measurements to prevent the diffusion of the virus. If you are infected, you can still pass HIV to another person during this time.

Some people are afraid to be examined for HIV. But if there is any chance that you could be infected, it is very important to discover. HIV can be treated. Obtaining the treatment early can slow down the virus and help you to remain in good health. And you must know if you are infected thus you can prevent to draw aside the infection with other people.

You can obtain the test of HIV in the offices of the majority of the doctors, the private clinics of public health, the hospitals, and the private clinics envisaged of parental condition. You can also buy a kit of test of HIV of house in a pharmacy or by the post office an order. But made attention very choose only one test which was approved by the FDA. If a test at the house is positive, to see the doctor to make confirm the result and to discover what to make afterwards.

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The Symptoms Of HIV AIDS

Which are the symptoms?

HIV can not cause symptoms as of the access. People who have symptoms can confuse them with the influenza or mono. The symptoms early of communal ground include:

  • Fever.
  • Endolorie gorges.
  • An headache.
  • Evils of muscle and common pain.
  • Inflated glands (inflated lymphatic ganglia).
  • Eruption of skin.

The symptoms can appear of a few days to several weeks after a person is initially infected. The symptoms early go usually far within 2 to 3 weeks.

After the symptoms early leave, an infected person can still not have symptoms during many years. The treatment usually guard the virus under the order and helps the stay of healthy immune system. But without treatment, the virus continues to develop in the body and tackles the immune system. After a certain point, the symptoms reappear and then remain. These symptoms usually include:

  • Inflated lymphatic ganglia.
  • Tire extreme.
  • Weight loss.
  • Fever.
  • The night sweats.

A doctor can suspecter HIV if these symptoms last and no other causes cannot be found.

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The Definition Of HIV AIDS

What is HIV? What is AIDS?

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus which tackles the immune system, the normal defense system of the body. Without strong immune system, the body with the trouble combatant with far the disease. The virus and the infection which it causes call the HIV.

The white blood globules are a big part of the immune system. HIV invades and destroys certain white blood globules called the cells of CD4+. So too many cells of CD4+ are destroyed, the body can defend oneself more against the infection.

The last stage of the infection by the HIV is AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). People with SIDAS have a number relatively low of the cells of CD4+ and catch the infections or cancers which seldom occur in the people in good health. Those can be mortals.

But to have HIV does not mean that you have the AIDS. Even without treatment, that takes one good moment for HIV with progress to Assistance-usual the 10 to 12 years. If HIV is diagnosed before this becomes AIDS, medicines can slow down or stop the damage with the immune system. With the treatment, much of people with HIV can live the long ones and active lives.

What causes HIV?

The infection by the HIV is caused by the virus of immunod eficience. You can obtain HIV of the contact with infected blood, the sperm, or vaginal  fluids.

The majority of the people obtain the virus by having the sex not protected with somebody who has HIV.

Another common manner to obtain the virus is by dividing needles of drug with somebody who is reached HIV.

The virus can also be last of a mother to her baby during the pregnancy, the birth, or breast feeding.

The HIV doesn't survives good apart from the body. Thus it cannot be isolated by the occasional contact such as embracing or dividing drink glasses with an infected person.

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